Monday, February 16, 2009

What was the Weather like Yesterday?

Lakeview Cottages is a summer resort. In the winter we shut off and drain the water and board up the cabins. The road is maintained only to Lakeshore. After that point, you're on your own. If you think you'll drive up from Big Creek, you'd better think again because the gate is locked across the road four miles from the lake. It's a long walk...up the hill...through deep snow...and slippery ice... Been there, done that!One of our camp guests (and friend of Mark & Cindy in Cabin G) was up at Huntington and was curious about what Lakeview Cottages looked like. The snow was too deep and soft so they could only get to the dam. Notice their mode of transportation! Now you see why, when you call "Lakeview Cottages" in the winter, you reach Susan in Fresno.Above is the island, from Dam # 3.

If you look closely between the trees, you will see the peak of a cabin roof. I'm not sure if it is a Lakeview Cottage or one of our neighbors.

In the summer, this dam is lined with fishermen & women! Our cottages are back in those trees.
These pictures make me want to go snowshoeing. When our children were small, we used to cross country ski the length of Huntington Lake, then up to Camp Keola. You need to be certain the lake is frozen over. A couple of times we skied around the lake by road. That is a lot longer and more hilly. The road is tough skiing because the snow mobiles leave washboard like tracks on the road.
Lakeview Cottages are a great destination in any weather!

What's the Weather Like Today?

Any of you familiar with Kindergarten, will recognize the title as a class room jingle, ending with, "Let's ask _____. " So today, let's ask: This is where co-owner Brent goes to find out the latest weather at our favorite spot on earth. Well, at least it's my favorite spot - I hope it's other people's favorite spot. Speaking of weather, it's raining and cold outside. That's fabulous, because that means it's snowing at Huntington! When us Fresnans get a view of the surrounding Sierra Nevada, it's a great day! We've had a few of those days lately. The rain washes away the fog & smog and we get a view of beautiful white mountains! I can't wait to be up there!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine for a fisherman

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to get a really romantic Valentine for my special fisherman, so I decided to get him a new wedding ring (or three). I knew he wouldn't want chocolate. I thought his gift should fit inside his card. Herb Bauer's Sporting Goods was right on the way home, soooo....

I called George at work and asked him what kind of lure was good at Huntington Lake. I made up a story about a guest wanting the information. He suggested a "red wedding ring." Try saying that fast! The store expert showed me where the wedding rings were. The wedding rings all appeared to be white (diamond like). This was confusing! So I asked the helper for the RED wedding rings. He informed me that the ones with the red beads were the red ones. Ohhh!
See, the little ring of clear rhinestones is in the middle of that string of RED beads. The price was affordable, so I bought three. My fisherman is happy. And I know what kind of lure to recommend for trolling at our end of the lake!