Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Connected again

Old friends and new friends meet at Lakeview Cottages all the time. Some of our guests have been visiting more than fifty years! Some guests agree to meet during the same week each year. I had an interesting re-connect happen this week.

Co-owners Mike & Maggie encouraged their secretary to spend a week at Lakeview. Erika couldn’t make it at the beginning of the week, so she invited her friend, Christina to use the cabin by herself. Right away, when she checked in, Christina knew that she knew George and me! About fifteen years ago we attended the same church! Then Christina realized she works with Peggy in Cabin G – they see each other every work day! And the nice folks in Cabin C took her fishing and became new friends. It happens like that each week, people find that they're friends.

I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with Christina, who is a delightful young woman. We even live near each other in Fresno! I’m enjoying having a new walking buddy here at the lake, and look forward to walking together in the neighborhood at home. You just never know who you’re going to meet.


Lakeview Cottages Resort has been working at rounding out our fleet of non-motorized watercraft. We started out with a row boat and a paddle boat, and a couple of owner families donated their canoes. We borrowed a kayak for a while which proved to be a lot of fun. Last year,I got a red kayak for my birthday, and of course, we brought it to the lake to share. We realized that with donating a lake going vessel came certain nameing rights. The kayaks became the "Susie Q," the "Cindy Lou," and the Maggie Mae." Our most recent addition is the kayak, "Annie Beth." I've been getting the stickers at Yellow Dog Graphics for branding our golf carts and boats. So now, the Annie Beth" is connected to the Lakeview Cottages fleet!

Lakeview Cottages has the best boat deal for our guests. For $30 your entire cabin can use our non-motorized boats any time, the entire week! Make sure you take your life jacket and have fun!

Getting Re-connected

I am happy to say that I (along with husband, George) am back at Lakeveiw Cottages for two weeks as managers and hosts. I had been taking a little "blogging break" since mid February. Congratulations Robin & Chris

Lakeview Cottages played a minor role in the wedding of Robin & Chris last weekend. Robin is the daughter of Lakeview co-owners, Don & Becky. Robin & Chris had spent many years working at Camp Keola and it was appropriate that their special ceremony be at Keola. Some wedding guests lodged at The Cottages, and the Lakeview fire ring was a great spot for gathering and visiting in the evening hours. The little trail between Keola and Lakeview was lit with solar lights and guided wedding participants between sites.