Monday, October 20, 2008

Susan's "Easy Bake" Brownies

Brownies are yummy anywhere. They are especially yummy when camping in the mountains and you don't have an oven. What to do? We've got three gas burners, but no oven. I can improvise - here goes...
The Oven
You need: Cast iron skillet, 6 nuts – threaded hexagonal, Stew pot, small pot or aluminum baking pan that fits inside stew pot.
Set nuts in a circle in skillet, pre heat on low flame. Oil small pot or aluminum pan and add ingredients to be baked. Set smaller inner pan on ring of nuts in skillet. Turn stew pot upside down and cover inner pot. This lets inner pot bake with hot air surrounding it. The inner pot does not come into direct contact with the flame. Adjust flame. Time varies. Check frequently, but remember that every time you open the oven, you let out the heat.

The Brownies
I used Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix (20 oz). I measured the contents and split in half to make a half recipe. I cut in half all ingredients except the egg. I used 2-3/4 Tbs water, 2-3/4 Tbs butter (for the oil) and a whole egg. The box gave directions for high altitude. I disregarded these – the whole egg provided extra liquid, I did not add extra flour. Mix with a spoon, pour into prepared “inner pan” of stovetop oven. Adjust flame. Time varies. Check frequently, but remember that every time you open the oven, you let out the heat. Recipe calls to bake about 40 minutes. I baked for about 45 minutes on a very low flame. How sad burnt brownies would be. Serve warm! These would be even more awesome with whipped cream (in a can – Even I’m not going to whip it by hand, I am on “vacation.”) or ice cream (home made – bring your own freezer- have the kids hand crank it)

The base of the "oven" is a cast iron skillet with metal hardware used to lift the baking pan off the direct heat.

I used half a boxed brownie mix.

The brownie batter is in the baking pan - a sauce pot with the handle cut off.

The "oven" is actually a stew pot inverted over the cast iron skillet.

Finished product! Yummy for 4-6 people for lunch or dinner dessert.


live a colorful life said...

This is great information. Oh, wait, I actually got to eat the first experimental trial of Susan's Easy-Bake Brownies (made by Susan herself!) and I'm here to tell you--absolutely DELISH!!!

Christa said...

Can't wait to try this! Also, I love the background. Well done.