Monday, November 10, 2008

Let There Be Light ....Pulls

Our vintage cabins don't come with much internal wiring. Our one bedroom cabins have light switches at the doors to the bedrooms. The two bedroom cabins have sockets with pull chains. The first photo shows the basic fixture (on our front porch) with an extension cord attached - that's it for outlets! I think it's funny to have the modern corkscrew light bulb in the old socket. The pull chain is classic lake - driftwood tied to package string.

Indoors we can get a little more classy. In honor of our resident bald eagles and osprey, I found an eagle pull from Home Depot.

Looking for a unique, relevant pull chain became a fun obsession while we were on vacation this sumer. I found the rowboat at the fishing supply store in Bridgeport, CA (on Hwy 395 north of Mammoth)

Cindy (Cabin G) found a cabin accessory store in Clovis. The western star (lone star, marshal's star) belongs in this rustic setting.

Her mountain cabin has resident bear!

The cool thing about collecting light pulls is that they are an inexpensive and easy to install cabin accessory. I wonder if we can find enough different pulls to have unique pulls for each cabin. Let me know where I can find other mountain themed pulls. What a fun way to yank someone's chain!


JHRME said...

As long as you leave my chain alone!