Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Tree - Fisherman Style

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! This has been a busy time of visiting with relatives and friends. Both daughters were in town, and with boyfriends, there was a revolving door of comings and goings! After retrieving some boxes from storage at another house, we did get some decorating done. Now that we've downsized houses (done before the girls returned home), we don't have room for the tall, large diameter tree of Christmasses past.

Our little tree gives us the opportunity to showcase ornaments representing George's favorite pasttime - fishing. Every Christmas we've given our favorite fisherman one or two ornaments. Soon he had enough for a small tree at his office. Now "his tree" has become "our tree" and graces our living room.
The red lantern is fitting with the outdoor theme. The garland has wooden beads with wooden bobbers regularly spaced. Do any of our Lakeview Cottages friends recognize this carved fish? This fish is the kind that are on our cabin key rings! You can get them at the Shaver Lake gift shop across from the hardware store.
One year, George asked for a fishing vest for Christmas. OK, I did get him the life size version! I am thinking that real flies and lures would make nice ornaments on our tree.
The fish on the hook in this ornament is about the size (when enlarged to full scale) of our average fish caught at Huntington!
The fish on the end of this line is "bearly" big enough to take out of the lake! Collecting fishing ornaments has been a fun effort for our whole family. Some friends have surprised us by finding the "perfect" ornament for George.
Was Santa really "born to fish?" Actually, I think the guy in the next photo was born to fish!
What were we born to do? This holiday season and closing to the old year give me a chance to reflect and consider my purpose in life. I think about the many gifts and blessings I've received. I think about how I am giving back. I ponder God's greatest gift and how the star leads us to Him. What were you born to do?


Anonymous said...

Wow! A fisherman tree!! I'm jealous. Ours is just a regular old tree. Go into the living room and take a look!! DRD-F

JHRME said...

This tree very much suits us! Its a cozy addition to our seasonal decorations!

Tanya said...

I especially love the lantern! Although I do NOT love to fish, this tree is absolutely perfect to live in your home!

Audrie said...

Happy New Year, Sue: Loved your new "My View" it brought back great memories of Lakeview! Audrie