Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Connected again

Old friends and new friends meet at Lakeview Cottages all the time. Some of our guests have been visiting more than fifty years! Some guests agree to meet during the same week each year. I had an interesting re-connect happen this week.

Co-owners Mike & Maggie encouraged their secretary to spend a week at Lakeview. Erika couldn’t make it at the beginning of the week, so she invited her friend, Christina to use the cabin by herself. Right away, when she checked in, Christina knew that she knew George and me! About fifteen years ago we attended the same church! Then Christina realized she works with Peggy in Cabin G – they see each other every work day! And the nice folks in Cabin C took her fishing and became new friends. It happens like that each week, people find that they're friends.

I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with Christina, who is a delightful young woman. We even live near each other in Fresno! I’m enjoying having a new walking buddy here at the lake, and look forward to walking together in the neighborhood at home. You just never know who you’re going to meet.


Christina said...

Hi Sue!! I have had a wonderful time here at Lakeview Cottages this week and was blessed with the opportunity to re-kindle our friendship! God has truly blessed me this week in SO many ways!! Thank you so much for your hospitality. :) I look forward to seeing you more back in Fresno. God bless you and your family.